9 Ways to Kick That Cold Naturally

Tis the season! Last week I could feel it coming on. I woke up with a heavy head and a scratchy throat. And when I blew my nose, I saw the telltale sign of green mucus. (gross!)

“Aw man…I do not want to be sick on my birthday” I thought. In the past, I have been taken down for weeks by a sinus infection, and I really did not want that to happen.

I have always tended to shy away from over the counter medicines. Rather than pop an aspirin for a headache, I’m more likely to lay down and rest. Some people say I’m stubborn and I should just take the medicine to feel better.  But I truly believe our bodies can heal themselves when given the proper time and support.

So last week, rather than take antibiotics (which I really can’t take right now anyway as I’m doing a lot of work to heal up my gut, and antibiotics could really disrupt that process), I opted for a more natural route. And guess what? My symptoms never worsened and were completely gone within a few days.

Interested in clearing up your symptoms before they turn into a full blow cold? Here’s what you need:

  • Bee Pollen I actually take bee pollen year round. I try to take a teaspoon every day in my morning smoothie. Bee pollen works in your body by helping your immune system build up a tolerance to pollen in the air - so it’s important to buy local bee pollen. Over time your system will build up an immunity to the local pollen in the air, so you’ll see your allergy symptoms diminish over time. Pretty cool, huh? Read more here. Note - if you’ve never tried bee pollen, start with just a granule or two at a time to gauge any allergic reaction.
  • Neti Pot This is another daily self care act for me. I try to do a Neti pot every morning. The Neti pot originally comes from Ayurvedic medicine and works by clearing out the nasal passages with a salt solution. Read more here.
  • Honey Honey has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to fight whatever is making you feel crappy. Again make sure it’s local. And for an extra boost, choose manuka honey. Drop a spoonful into your morning smoothie or tea. Read more here.
  • Oregano Oil Oregano oil is nature’s own antibiotic! Use 2-3 drops in an ounce of water and down it. It doesn’t taste that great, but trust me it’s worth it. Do this daily until you wake up without symptoms. Read more here.
  • Coconut Oil Coconut oil also has antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial effects. On those mornings when you can feel a cold coming on, add a heaping tablespoon to your smoothie or your hot tea/coffee. Continue daily until symptoms disappear.
  • Cinnamon Yet another antiviral and antimicrobial! Add a couple of dashes to your smoothie or coffee/tea to get the full healing benefits. Continue daily until symptoms disappear.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Tea Nettle is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, but nettle on it’s own doesn’t taste so great. Add a little peppermint and vanilla, and you get this wonderful tea! Drink a cup or two daily until symptoms disappear.
  • Rest Get some sleep! Your body is working hard to fight off infection, so let it do it’s job. Stay away from any high intensity workout and get to bed early to get the maximum hours of sleep. Your body will thank you.
  • Diet Last but not least, eat healthy foods. Stay away from sugar and inflammatory foods containing gluten and dairy. You want to support your body’s natural defense system by feeding it nourishing foods.

Have you tried any of the above or other natural remedies when you felt a cold coming on? Did it work? Let me know in the comments below!



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