Choosing the Path Less Traveled

I recently stumbled upon crested plants. 

Which is essentially when a plant does not grow into what it’s supposed to look like. It actually changes its growth and grows in a more elongated form with a ribbon like, or “crested”, appearance. They are really quite unique - cresting is rare. The owner of my local plant shop told me that something like 1 in 1,000 plants crest. 

Crested Plant

The plant on the right is the crested version of the plant on the left.

As I tend to do, I see a much deeper meaning in this unusual plant process.

The idea that you are supposed to grow to be a particular way. That you are expected to look like everyone else.

But instead, you choose the path less traveled - choose to go rogue and turn into something completely different. To ground yourself and to grow into something else - something more beautiful because it’s different.

I find this comforting, and in this current space of stuckness and perpetual growth that I’m in - I really resonate with the crested plant.


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