We Are Built For Connection

I hosted my first Traumatic Brain Injury caregiver/partner support group this week. A couple of hours before the scheduled start time, I began to feel pretty anxious. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to provide the kind of support that the attendees needed. Nervous that I would say the wrong thing.

I sat in my chair in the conference room waiting, bracing myself for the possibility that no one would show up. But then someone did show up. And another person showed up. And then another. And we started talking.

I felt so self conscious and so exposed as these women began to share. I almost felt guilty that my husband was able to go back to work after his accident. Their stories looked different than my own, and in some cases were so incredibly heartbreaking. All I could think was “What am I doing here? Why did I think I could do this?”

But then something happened. As we continued to talk and to share about our lives and our husbands, we began to connect. A warmth spread between us as we smiled and shed tears and empathized with one another. It was a truly beautiful experience. And I felt so grateful to witness the strength of these wonderful women.

As we wrapped up, all of the women grabbed their planners, eager to find the next date that we could meet. Then we all stood up and hugged each other and offered phone numbers and invites to reach out at any time. The connection was powerful, and they were so grateful to have a space to share and to be seen and to feel validated in their experience.

We are built for connection. Connection adds value to our lives; it gives us a sense of belonging and a reason not to feel lonely.

Connection is one of my Core Desired Feelings, and has been for the past several years. I desire to connect. I desire to be connected. I feel strongest and most able when I feel connected to others.

I am really looking forward to continuing to connect with my support group members.

How do you connect in your day to day life?


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