We Are Not Alone

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and the theme is Not Alone.

As I dive deeper into the brain injury world, as I connect with those who have gone through something similar…I am starting to examine my own experience in more depth. I am realizing that I hold so much of it inside. That I actually shy away from using the words “brain injury” as a definition in our household. Partly because Brandon has asked me not to - he doesn’t want to be defined by it, which I get and appreciate. And partly because if I allow myself to start verbally classifying as brain injury and non-brain injury, I’ll slide down that slippery rabbit hole of anger, loneliness and resentment that’s so hard to get out of. I own a few t-shirts from that particular rabbit hole.

I often wonder how much Brandon’s injury truly affects him. What is it like on a day to day basis for him? The answer is - I don’t really know. Sometimes I ask him, but he would say he doesn’t really know either. To his credit, he has soldiered on. He has acknowledged and accepted what happened to him, and he leaves his accident in the past as much as he possibly can. He doesn’t allow it to define him or to hold him back. I am truly in awe of him for that.

But I worry. I worry that it’s harder for him than he lets on. I worry about what his brain injury could look like in the future. I worry that he might feel alone.

But you know what? Neither of us are alone. Even when we do feel alone, we always have each other. We lean, and we give support. And we laugh, and we hold each other when we need to.

And as I build this beautiful, inspiring community of brain injury caregivers, I am learning that we are connected through our experiences. Feeling alone is actually what connects us. Together - we are not alone.



Every 13 seconds, someone in the US sustains a Traumatic Brain Injury. Check out the Love Your Brain Foundation and their #MindfulMarch movement, which encourages healing through yoga and meditation.

Interested in starting a meditation practice, but don’t know where to begin? Check out my latest podcast episode "Don't Hesitate, Meditate".

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